Diabetic Travel Essentials

Travelling with all your diabetes supplies can be a headache, so it’s important to make sure you have everything together and organised before departing without something! I always find it best to lay everything out, so I can see what exactly I am packing. I also split my supplies in two, my husband carries one supply pack in his backpack and I carry the other just in case one of our bags goes missing.

Here are a few of my diabetes travel essentials:


Fanny Pack

I got this great “running sports belt”  from eBay. It fits my phone, glucose monitor and hypo treatment and sits comfortably under my clothes. Since getting my Dexcom and requiring my phone 6 metres away for it to stay connected, it’s a great place to keep it especially when my outfit doesn’t have pockets! I am sure it would be great for pump users as well.

Travel Scales

I took my travel scales, which I again brought on eBay. These were a great investment and perfect for measuring snacks on the go. I keep these in my handbag at all times, but they definitely came in handy whilst travelling and on holiday.

Portable charger

My phone battery lasts a pretty long time considering it’s constantly connected to my Dexcom, Android Wear and Fitbit. However, going on safari you can be travelling for long periods of time and sometimes be without electricity at the lodges, so taking a portable charger was a great to give my phone a boost of charge.


Freestyle Libre

I inserted a new Dexcom just before leaving for Kenya, however I knew we would be in the water quite a bit and this was the first time exposing a sensor to so much water. Instead of taking a spare Dexcom sensor, I had a spare Freestyle Libre which expires in February so decided I would take this in the unliklihood my Dexcom came off.


I am a massive fan of these little packs of Diawipes which I brought from Funky Pumpers especially for the trip. As we all know, it’s so important to have a clean finger for testing our blood glucose. These are so convenient to have, not just for travelling, they are compact and a great size to fit in your kit bag or Myabetic.


Not only did I take a selection of Island Escape GrifGrips but I also took a roll of RockTape. When I went snorkelling, I used a whole strip around my entire Dexcom on my arm,  just to keep my mind at ease that it would stay on whilst being in the water for a long period of time.


I have a confession to make… I have never travelled with a cool bag. I always keep my supplies out of the heat/sun as much as possible. And make sure that I have fridge facilities in my accommodation if I can, but rightly or wrongly in my 20 years of being type on diabetic I have never travelled with a cool bag.



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