Fiasp: My new Dia-Love

I have been on Novorapid and Lantus MDIs for as long as I can remember and have always suffered with postprandial spikes, no matter what I did. They became extremely infuriating, especially when I was pre-bolusing up to 2 hours before a low carb meal measured out to the milligram. I was eventually prescribed metformin (more detail in a future post) which noticeably helped to lower my BGs, but the spikes still frustratingly occurred.

That was until I discovered Fiasp, the miraculous new fast acting insulin claiming to work twice as quickly, due to faster absorption preventing those meal-time spikes. Pre-bolusing would be a thing of the past, with directions stating to inject 2 minutes before a meal or 20 minutes after eating!  I mean, I couldn’t think of anything dreamier, than to go out for dinner and inject once the food was served, eliminating the need for so much guestimating. Or feeling peckish and not having to pre-bolus an hour before having a snack. I was sold, where do I sign up?

So, I had a scheduled appointment with my DSN and I was armed and ready for battle; with my CGM (Dexcom G5) data printout, postprandial hyper-mountain ranges clearly visible. But it was much easier than I had anticipated, she suggested I increase my morning metformin from 1 tablet to 2 (which would also have an impact my results), but she was also willing to prescribe me Fiasp to see if that would decrease my Everest sized mountains.

And that was it! From the very first injection, Fiasp became my Dia-Fairy-Godmother!

I was in range for 92.4% of my 1st day on Fiasp, 0% above the high threshold, with preceding days all matching if not out-performing this unicorn line.

Day 1

day 1

Day 2

day 2

Comparing my first week on Fiasp to the week before there is a noticeable difference. My average glucose have considerably dropped and my time in range has increased. I am still working on the number of hypos (which tend to occur in the night). I think these are basal-related and I am slowly adjusting my doses to eradicate.

bg comparison

I am using in the flex touch disposable pen and take right before eating, literally right as I am about to take my first bite. I have maintained my 1u:5g ratio but I think I could potentially try 1:6 or 7 to reduce the need for snacking between meals.

I would definitely recommend giving Fiasp a go, but I have seen extremely mixed reviews and I think it works differently for everyone.

For me though, Fiasp is well and truly my new Dia-Fairy-Godmother!

My amazing Diabuddy, @sweettilly has also written a blog post, check it out for a different perspective!



3 thoughts on “Fiasp: My new Dia-Love

  1. Amazing post! Sooo helpful 👏 I’m definitely enjoying it the second time round, and I wouldn’t have even bothered if it weren’t for your rave review!


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